We here at Glavcom are committed to the continued investment into the ongoing advancement of technologies and procedures that can help reduce the burden of dealing with increasing power consumption and waste disposal costs.

The ‘Grween’ play on words represents our goal to ‘Glavcom’s Reduction of Waste, Energy and Emissions NOW!’

The term ‘Grween’ was first coined by Glavcom founder and owner Pat Callipari after a management meeting in 2016 with senior staff to address the increasing direct costs of manufacturing Joinery in Australia being power and waste.

The ‘Grween’ mission is based on a conceptual idea of investing and developing various techniques, technology and practices to improve Glavcom’s energy efficiency while reducing wastage and power consumption. This is being done via a number of stages consisting of various improvements along the way.

We’ll keep you up to date as more is yet to come!


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