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Food for Thought – Q&A with industry leaders
Food for Thought – Q&A with industry leaders
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Q: What’s the importance of joinery design and layout during the preliminary stage of design and construction?

Introducing Salvatore Rigoli – BA (Arch) B.Arch (Hons 1) and owner of Studio [R] Architecture + Design

A: To achieve quality design outcomes for any project type requires a holistic and integrated approach. All facets of the design need to be considered at an early stage to ensure that the end result is cohesive.

This approach particularly applies to joinery. Joinery and furniture need to be considered as part of the space, and not something that is added to the space. In our design, we use joinery in an integral way. Sometimes it creates spaces by acting as a room divider, and in other cases it becomes the wall surface that encloses the space.

We treat joinery as volumes and surfaces rather than merely a kitchen, vanity, robe or the like. Thinking about the detail early in the design process not only allows you to discover greater opportunities and refine the design, it also allows for better coordination during the construction process. A common example is cantilevered units. These require additional support within the wall structure and if not allowed for early may result in a compromised design.

Great joinery will always feel connected to the space it sits in and this can only be achieved if it is considered early in the design process.

Introducing Kristin Stojcevski – Adv. Dip Interior Design (Distinction) and Owner/Interior Designer @ Rocco Revolution

A: Space planning is one of the most import aspects of any project. You want to ensure that the space is both efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing for your client so the preliminary stages are crucial in getting this right.

This is why I love to incorporate bespoke joinery into my projects as it gives me control of the flow of the space, its symmetry and how everything is going to be stored to achieve the room’s maximum potential.

Salvatore RigoliKristin Stojcevski



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