Design Development:
Our design team has over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience; so when it comes to working closely with architects and builders, Glavcom is able to assist with transforming conceptual ideas into functional and innovating designs.

In house Drawings:
Attention to detail is key in ensuring success when it comes to delivering projects that not only meet; but surpass our client’s expectations in every way. Glavcom employs the latest software packages including AutoCad, Cabinet Vision and Revit to create detailed drawings and plans that are easily viewed and modified on the fly creating a streamline process from idea to design. Glavcom has invested heavily in such software programmes to streamline our production process by enabling our drawings to be readily translated into a language that our production machines are able to understand; thus ensuring the most efficient production process available to the industry.

Setting Budgets & Design:
Our experienced staff work closely with builders, developers, architects and interior designers on a day to day basis and with our depth of knowledge and experience are able to provide guidance with design, finishes and specific challenges to get the most out of every project. Through collaborative efforts, Glavcom can offer solutions in order to meet budgeting constraints, offer time and money saving options, and improve the functionality of the original design.

Onsite Measurement:
A smooth and efficient project starts with precise and detailed planning. That is why Glavcom onsite measurements for all contracted works are undertaken by those working on the project to ensure accuracy and accountability. In the event of time restrictions, Glavcom’s experienced staff can work with your onsite staff in resolving issues arising from time restricted programs and assist with getting the project delivered on time.

Site Management:
Every project undertaken by Glavcom is given the necessary resources in order to be a success. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation of delivering successful projects and a large contributor to this success comes down to our project team structure. This structure is designed so that every job is carefully managed and allocated sufficient manpower to meet your milestones and target deadlines.

Over the course of its life, Glavcom has built up a team of dedicated and skilled employees and professional contractors for the manufacturing and installation of all aspects of joinery. Comprising of a vast variety of skill sets from shopfitters, cabinetmakers and carpenters, to construction management and building background professionals, Glavcom has every aspect of your project covered.

Quality Control:
A major focus of all joinery projects is based around quality. With the nature of the industry being the final vision you and your client see; our goal is to minimise factory defects and deliver and install high quality joinery that surpasses your expectations. Our factory supervisors, together with our site managers endeavour to monitor and correct quality issues and improve our processes and procedures with every project.


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